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Water pressure regulating valve

The function of the water pressure regulating valve is to limit excess water inlet and outlet pressure by automatically controlling the opening, that is, it prevents damage to the pipes and flooding due to high pressure. The utility of the valve is to provide security by maintaining an acceptable water pressure level, it is located at the water supply point, to replace a damaged valve the main flow must be turned off. The regulating valve is responsible for stabilizing the water pressure in a water system, regardless of pressure variations so that they can be handled by pipes and machinery in industries, businesses or residences.

Buy regulating valve

To buy a suitable regulating valve, you must know the scope of application, since they can work with different fluids, among which are:

  • Oils
  • Water
  • Compressed air
  • Hydrocarbons

It is important to know its operation, in addition to the type of system in which it will be placed, these equipments have a double function, it acts as a braking valve and as a limiting valve when the tilt cylinder is extended. They are hydraulic controllers, which are responsible for reducing the high pressure of the liquids, so that they have lower and constant pressures, without affecting the fluctuations of the fluids, they are equipment that operate independently, their maintenance is simple. They are also characterized by a flexible design with additional functions, it is necessary to know the types of valve that exist to buy the appropriate regulating valve.

  • Direct action valve: It is the most common in the market, it has a globe-type design, it allows it to resist high temperatures
  • Pilot Operated Valve: Withstands varying degrees of flow and pressure, have a globe or angle design

Water pressure regulating valve 1 inch

The 1-inch water pressure regulating valve, maintains a constant pressure in systems that require a continuous flow of water out, during its operation, these are safety valves that do not produce risks in the discharge to flows. It should be noted that the water pressure can be reduced or increased so that the pipes of the different residential, industrial or commercial installations, in addition, reduce the energy consumption generated by high volumes of water at high pressures. This type of valve can erode due to the phenomenon of cavitation, which generates a collapse of the valve cavities. To avoid this process, the use of two valves in series or the application of anti-cavitation cages is recommended.

Prices of water pressure regulating valves

The prices of water pressure regulating valves, vary depending on the size, manufacturer and utility, these types of valves can be found with prices that vary from 200 to 2700 USD. The sale proposal of these valves are usually dilated, the correct operation of the water pressure in the different water systems of residences or industry, require a pressure regulating valve, used to maintain a constant pressure. The regulating valves are in charge of adapting the pressure and the flow, through the conduction of the fluid, the valve can regulate the inlet pressure, which leads to the pressure reduction of the outlet flow. These valves have the function of protecting hydraulic installations from sudden changes in pressure, avoiding damage to equipment and pipes, limiting excess water inlet pressure to constant outlet pressure. They are complements to a water system whose function is based on reducing the water pressure to an optimum level before it reaches any device, avoiding an abnormal pressure increase which would result in serious damage to the system. How to control water pressure in a water system Drinking water is supplied at a certain level of pressure, so that it can reach the different points of the distribution network. A problem that can cause irreparable damage to equipment is the different water pressures. The fundamental role of the water pressure regulating valve is to regulate an adequate pressure level so that the supply is efficient. A high pressure causes the installation to suffer damage, as well as a low one, which leads to damage to the system, maintaining an adequate level of water pressure is key to obtaining a good supply of drinking water, the pressure valve being an instrument essential to regulate it. Pressure regulation equipment allows you to measure and control water pressure effectively, a pressure reducer should not be confused with a pressure regulating valve, since each equipment works differently. The reducer is used to reduce the pressure of water distributed in the home, the reducing valve is used to reduce the pressure of water distributed in a water supply network, the difference between the two is that the valve is less sensitive to pressure changes. Conclusion.- A water pressure regulating valve is a device that is responsible for maintaining adequate pressure to supply an appropriate water flow, preventing wear in the pipe due to cavitation due to inadequate pressurization. In the market there are different sizes of pressure valves, which are measured in inches, being able to find ½ and 1 inch valves, your choice depends on the type of system in which it will be placed. Prices vary depending on the type of manufacturer, the materials used in its manufacture and the size of the valve. It should be noted that it is used to protect pipes from abnormal pressures that can damage them, causing leaks and flooding. These valves are used in the industrial supply network, they are placed at the pump outlet or the water network inlet, that is, where there is a build-up of pressure in the network, their operation is vital to avoid interruption of the water supply. the drinking water network.

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