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The thermostat in your central heating system is used to control the heating in your home. Depending on your needs, you can set your thermostat to a preferred temperature and be sure that it will work to regulate this temperature. For example, if the temperature in your home drops below the ideal temperature you chose, your thermostat will turn on the heat to warm it up. When your temperature has reached the desired point, the thermostat will turn off the heating to avoid overheating and wasting energy.

Types of thermostat

You may have come across many different types of thermostat, but you may not know the difference between each one. Here are the main terms you should know:

Room thermostat

What is a room thermostat? A room thermostat controls and maintains a comfortable temperature in your home. It works by turning your heating system on and off when the temperature changes during the day. For example, the temperature drops below a certain threshold. Here, the temperature sensor in the room thermostat can be programmed to activate the boiler switch. This will heat the radiators and, as a result, the areas of your home. Suppose the heat in the room increases above a specific point. In that case, the radiator thermostat will turn off the central heating thermostat. Therefore, it will allow your home to cool down to its appropriate level.

Analogue thermostat

Analog thermostats are electronic control units that allow you to set the type of heating system and adjust the control parameters. There are 3 types of thermostats available:

  • For air/room temperature control and floor temperature limitation—with room sensor and floor sensor
  • For air/room temperature control—with room sensor only
  • For floor temperature control—with floor sensor only.

Digital thermostat

Digital thermostats are a popular option. They look better, are easier to control, and generally come with more features. Although they are a bit more expensive, scanning will allow you to get a more accurate reading. Digital thermostats typically have a panel that can be lifted up to reveal more dials and functions, including buttons to set times and different temperatures. When programmed correctly, it will save energy and increase your comfort levels.

Smart thermostat

In some ways, smart thermostats can be seen as an upgrade from digital. Although quite similar in terms of features, the smart thermostat has its own unique way of working. As well as controlling times and temperatures like a digital thermostat, smart thermostats allow you to control this remotely via an internet connection, wherever you are. For those with busy lifestyles, it can make your life a lot easier. With the convenience of being on your phone, you'll have the peace of mind and control you need. This type of smart thermostat has been around since 2011 and learns from you and your habits to customize a series of factors: Your temperature: The thermostat knows what temperature you like and modifies your current temperature to reflect it. Energy Usage – Review your needs regularly and learn where you can save energy in the process. You will also be able to see where you have saved money. Hot Water Control: You can turn up the hot water level whenever you want and your thermostat will know when it's not there, saving you the hassle of turning off the hot water.

How do the different thermostats in your house work?

They are usually placed in a room where you spend a lot of time, such as the living room, or even in the hallway for easy access. A wall thermostat will need to be out of direct sunlight or covered places to work effectively. Once set, they will heat your rooms to your preferred temperature and time settings.

Can a thermistor go bad? How? What causes it?

The most common cause of thermistor failure is an open circuit caused by mechanical separation between the resistor element and the conductor material. This can occur as a result of mishandling, thermal mismatch, or heat damage. Simple aging of the thermistors is another typical cause of failure.

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