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The section accumulator or anti-liquid tank, is a safety device that is added to the refrigeration system, which prevents liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor and damaging the compressor.

Cooling suction accumulator

What is a section accumulator used for in a refrigeration system? Refrigeration systems for air conditioners or heat pumps, among others, suffer sudden returns of the liquid in the system. So what happens if liquid enters the compressor? Valves, connecting rods, pistons may break or the refrigerant gas may simply escape through the refrigerant joint, among other consequences. A suction accumulator works as follows. The refrigerant can enter the compressor in a liquid state, but not in large quantities. When there is a sudden return of the liquid momentarily, the accumulator stores that refrigerant in the tank and returns it little by little through a regulating orifice towards the compressor. In some cold rooms, when the hot gas defrost occurs, said gas pushes all the liquid inside the evaporator on its way to the compressor. The compressor should not get liquid. In this type of machines, the section accumulator is usually placed, whose purpose is to prevent liquid from reaching the compressor. It is installed in the suction line of the compressor, just before it. If liquid were to come through the suction pipe, it would be trapped inside the tank and the compressor would suck only the vapors from the top.

How do we select a section accumulator?

Depends on system size, system pressure drop, oil return and amount of charge among other issues. In general, it depends on the size of your equipment, but the section accumulator normally cannot be less than 50% of the total load capacity of the system.

Material and care of a section accumulator

The size will depend on the capacity of the system, the amount of refrigerant being used and whether it is a refrigeration or air conditioning system. They are normally made of sheets, that is, it is not cast compact iron, so over the years they can leak. For this reason, nitrogen can be placed in the system to pressurize the system; And if you want to check if it has a leak, use a special soap for these cases, that is, for leaks, in the areas where the sheets meet, where it is welded. The only copper parts are the inlet and outlet of the accumulator.

Do I need a suction accumulator?

The function of a suction line accumulator in a heat pump or refrigeration system is to catch and hold any unused portion of the system charge. The device must also prevent compressor liquid hammer and excessive refrigerant dilution of compressor oil. This is why a suction accumulator is needed.

What gas is used in the accumulator?

Nitrogen Accumulators use nitrogen to keep hydraulic fluid pressurized. When fluid is pumped into an accumulator, the nitrogen (N2) inside the accumulator is compressed.

What is the difference between an accumulator and a receiver?

Many new technicians who are used to residential air conditioning mistake receivers for batteries. While an accumulator is located in the suction line before the compressor and prevents liquid from entering the compressor, a receiver is located in the liquid line after the condenser and stores liquid refrigerant.

How is a suction accumulator sized?

Considerations for selection of suction line accumulator:

  • The accumulator must have adequate liquid holding capacity. This should not be less than 50 percent of the total system load.
  • The accumulator must not add excessive pressure drop to the system.
  • Never base the accumulator on the line size of the suction line.

Why do rotary compressors have accumulators?

The suction accumulator in the rotary compressor is an important component from the point of view of cost, performance, sound and the ability of the compressor to control excess liquid refrigerant. Due to its importance, it deserves due attention for the improvement of its functions.

Suction accumulator catalogue

What kinds of section accumulators are there? Types of section accumulators:

  • the vertical type
  • the horizontal type.

Another classification is in relation to the tube. They are the accumulators in the form of "U" and vertical tube.

What is the most common type of suction accumulator?

Compressed gas accumulators, also called hydropneumatic accumulators, are the most common type. Now, I leave you at this link the catalog of suction accumulators on the web. You will see that you have Daikin brand spare parts, different vertical suction accumulators, accumulators with line exchanger, suction separator with changer, oil accumulator pressure regulator and much more.

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