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Fujitsu is a Japanese corporation or consortium that is considered a leader in various information and communication technology equipment and home appliances. It offers a huge range of products, solutions and various technological services. Despite having its headquarters in Tokyo, it has offices and branches in more than 100 countries around the world and employs more than 175,000 employees who support its customers. This company, focused on everything that has to do with ICTs, also produces refrigeration equipment and its components. Between its creation in 1935 and up to the present day, it has made strategic alliances, has acquired and sold various divisions and has maintained commercial relationships with other giants such as Siemens, Kazan Manufacturing Enterprise of Computer Systems or KME-CS, International Computers Limited (ICL), Toshiba, Atos Origin, Amdahl Corporation and DMR Consulting, among others. What is really important about this company is how it has been able to combine technology and innovation to create high-quality, low-consumption, and affordable refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

What are the Fujitsu air conditioner spare parts?

As said, Fujitsu creates all kinds of spare parts for refrigeration equipment. Debtro of this range are the air conditioners. The following parts can be found: 1.- The indoor unit: is the one that contains the evaporator. It is responsible for extracting hot air from the rooms and taking it to the gas or refrigerant liquid. After this, the fan returns the cold to the room. 2.- The expansion valve: is the one that regulates the pressure of the refrigerant gas or liquid so that it can do its job safely. 3.- The outdoor unit: is that it contains the condenser and also the compressor. There, if the gas is refrigerant, it goes from gas to liquid to cool the air. 4.- The compressor: is the key part of an air conditioner as it is the one that receives the signal from the temperature sensor so that, under pressure and regulated by the expansion valve, it allows the gas or refrigerant liquid cools the air in a room. 5.- The thermostat: its central job is to keep the air temperature in a room balanced. When the air cools to the temperature chosen by the user, the compressor kicks in and cools the hot air. If the temperature reaches the desired level, the thermostat sends a signal to the compressor which stops or decreases. When the heat returns, the cycle is activated again.

What are Fujitsu inverter spare parts?

Inverter technology in air conditioners was created to give way to a new family of energy efficient equipment. Fujitsu has been dedicated since its inception in 1935 to innovation. Therefore, it is one of the pioneers in creating this type of technology. Fujitsu's inverter devices make it possible to regulate the operating speed of the compressor in air conditioners so that they can operate at a constant speed and power. As a result, they provide greater energy efficiency and are capable of reducing energy consumption by 40% compared to conventional equipment. The most notable difference between an inverter air conditioner and a traditional air conditioner is that the former has the power to regulate the speed and power of the compressor motor. This peculiarity may seem insignificant, yet it was revolutionary in the equipment used to keep a room cool with less electricity consumption. All this happens because inverter air conditioners can reduce the work and, therefore, the energy consumption of the motor. In addition, less refrigerant is used to cool the air, which is also beneficial for consumption and the environment.

Importance of changing the Fujitsu air conditioning filter part

The air in the rooms that floats and is collected by the air conditioner to cool it down and return it to the room isn't entirely clean, even though it may seem so. No matter how neat you are, dust, smog, and other particles (pollen, dead skin cells, pet hair) in the outdoor air easily find their way into homes and offices. This problem is more serious in big cities or in houses with many inhabitants and animals. If an air conditioner is used, it is to achieve comfort with an adequate temperature, but it also serves as a mechanism to filter the air that is breathed. It is at this point where the air conditioner filter system comes into play because they are in charge of this cleaning process. A filter system in optimal conditions works with a grill through which all the air collected by the room's air conditioning passes to send it to the compressor, fan and cool it. For this reason, these filters (which are usually made of cellulose or other materials capable of retaining dirt between their fibers) detain the dirt particles that are in the air before cooling it, filtering it again and expelling it. This ensures that your home is a cleaner and healthier place. It is for this reason that it is essential to perform periodic maintenance of the air conditioning filter system. A computer with very dirty filters or in poor condition is noticeably less efficient and consumes more energy. It is also less healthy because it does not guarantee clean and pure air and can lead to the entire air conditioning circuit breaking down faster and having a shorter useful life. Fujitsu makes air conditioning filters from cellulose, synthetic foam and metal mesh. If they are not changed in time, the motor and compressor will not get enough clean air and it will strain the whole system, plus it wastes more electricity.

Where to buy general Fujitsu spare parts?

Fujitsu's various spare parts for all types of technological or air-conditioning equipment can be purchased at stores that sell their items. It should be verified that they are authorized dealers so that each component or spare part purchased is Fujitsu and has its quality and guarantee certificate.

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