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Pressure switch

In every circuit, a pressure is exerted by a certain fluid and that force is responsible for opening or closing said system with the help of a pressure switch, also called a pressure switch; which we usually find in most of the appliances we have at home. Thinking about this, we have prepared an informative post with everything you need to know about the pressure switch, especially the one found in the air conditioning, so that when the device stops working you can quickly identify if it is that component and if it is, don't be fooled when requesting a change, since we will also show you how it works, so don't wait any longer and keep reading.

Air conditioning pressure switch

The pressure switch or pressure switch is an instrument that we find in air conditioning and that opens or closes a circuit through the action of the air flow coming from the compressor. This device has a relatively small size, since it is usually the size of the palm of a hand and has a rectangular shape, in the same way, it is made up of different parts, such as: the pressure adjustment, the differential adjustment spindle, the spring, the electrical terminals, the ground terminal and the reset button. On the other hand, it is appropriate to mention that the pressure switch is not only for air, it has other applications, such as for water, controlling the peaks that it generates, and is responsible for activating or deactivating the pumps. Likewise, there is also a pressure switch for refrigeration, but in this case it is low and high, since when the temperature limits are reached, the switch must be prepared for it. Finally, there is the oil switch that is in charge of activating the hydraulic pump so that the oil can recirculate and lubrication is achieved, this being something that all machines require.

Air conditioning high pressure switch

This device is mainly used in refrigerating machines that require compressors. A high pressure switch is just as its name indicates, to withstand high temperatures, when it exceeds a certain temperature, it opens the circuit and is connected to motors to disconnect it when high pressure occurs. Likewise, it is of great importance, since it is located after the valve in charge of safety and the regulation system, in order to avoid excess pressure when one of the previous systems has a fault and, in general, there are high or low pressure.

Pressure switch for compressor

As we have mentioned, the pressure switch is the one in charge of regulating or controlling the compressed air output of a certain machine, and in the same way, it protects the other components of the equipment. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that by having an adequate pressure switch, the installation will be better energetically. Similarly, in a compressor there are 2 types of pressure switch, one is a membrane switch and the other is for back pressure. In the first, the input pressure is variable and the output pressure is constant, and in the second, the output pressure is variable, because it depends on the input.

How does a pressure switch work

This device has a simple operation and what must be done first is to adjust it to the desired pressure so that when it reaches it, it activates. This is done with a screw that is located at the top, although this will depend especially on the manufacturer. In a certain amount of laps there is a certain pressure on the spring, which is one of the parts that we talked about in one of the previous sections. In this sense, the switch is placed in the tube through which the fluid passes, which exerts a pressure and when this is equal to what we set at the beginning, the contacts automatically close and when the pressure is lower than the programmed one will open the contacts. Similarly, it should be noted that pressure switches are used in a large number of industries, they can range from welding machines to biomedical equipment, such as those used for oxygen supply, which especially require a system that controls the incoming oxygen pressure. In the same way as the previous example, the switches are usually seen in many devices, and we have a few of these in the home, such as air conditioners, and for this reason it is necessary for you to know these components, since, if they fail, you will be able to quickly determine if this is the case and look for quality parts that you will find at AACORE SUPPLY, a huge store dedicated mainly to the sale of parts and replacements for refrigeration.

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