Freezing chamber with cold equipment

The freezing chamber with cold equipment is manufactured to provide the food sector with equipment that combines a hybrid refrigeration system made up of mechanical and cryogenic cold, to preserve the characteristics of the food. Freezing and deep-freezing refrigeration systems are used in chambers to store products at lower temperatures ranging from -20°C to -196°C, these types of chambers use gases to maintain this temperature level. Although some manufacturers still use gases that are harmful to the environment in this type of chamber, work is currently being done on the use of a gas whose mechanism of action is based on its compression and expansion to reach temperatures of up to -80°C. Its characteristics maintain harmony with the environment, contributing to the reduction of damage to the ozone layer and global warming. With regard to freezing chambers, it offers the best features to maintain the exact point of freezing of stored products.

Freezing chamber for sale with cold equipment

The freezing chamber sale with cold equipment, is carried out in order to offer customers in the industrial sector a quality product designed to generate an artificial temperature below zero used for the conservation of goods that require cold . Characteristics of freezing chambers with cold equipment

  • Cooling capacity adjusted to customer requirements
  • Low freezing temperatures from -40°C
  • Use of ecological refrigerant gases
  • Energy saving
  • Reduced freezing cycles
  • Efficient production
  • Remote control of equipment
  • Internal or external installation

The freezing chamber is an excellent option to preserve products at an industrial and commercial level that require freezing to maintain their physical-chemical characteristics, for which the sale of the chambers is essential in the food industry.

Manufacturer of freezing chambers for cold equipment

The main manufacturers of freezers with cold equipment stand out for the manufacture of chambers with exclusive services for the freezing of various types of merchandise. Brands like:

  • Cantek
  • Imma
  • Electrolux
  • Profholod

They stand out for controlling the deterioration or loss of quality of the stored merchandise, extending its usefulness for days, weeks or months. Freezer manufacturers know the importance of freezing in the conservation of products:

  • Genetics
  • Biological
  • Chemicals
  • Food

Reason why they are oriented to manufacture products with resistant material, equipped with components that allow generating the cold required to preserve the merchandise stored in the freezers. Freezer chamber applications It should be noted that its operation is based on the type of product that is going to be stored inside, since not all elements require the same level of temperature to preserve their properties. Freezing chambers are effective for:

  • Store the raw material
  • Product storage
  • Product display

Refrigeration in freezing chambers is applied to prolong the useful life of the products they store, through control of the appropriate temperature range. At this point, it is important to note that the design of the chambers influences the selection of equipment. of cold. The appropriate selection of a refrigeration system will depend on the commercialization area where the freezer works, the cost-value relationship, life cycle and energy efficiency must also be analyzed, in addition to taking into account the following points:

  • Product
  • Surface
  • Outside temperature
  • Traffic level
  • Building materials

The freezer room is a specific tool that depends on the commercial objectives for its manufacture, since for each commercial activity there is a freezer chamber that adapts to the storage needs. Difference Between Freezing Chamber and Freezing Tunnel It is worth noting that both systems fulfill the function of preserving and storing products for a prolonged period of time, weeks, months or years, depending on the type of product. Each system has different characteristics in its application, its design and installation at an industrial level depends on the requirements of the end user, the freezing tunnel is a closed space, thermally isolated used to freeze and dehydrate products rapidly. Freezing chambers are spaces where products are kept frozen, the temperature inside the chambers remains constant, adapting to the storage conditions of the merchandise.


The freezing chamber with cold equipment is relevant in the field of industry and commerce, it stores products that require an optimal level of refrigeration to keep their properties intact. There are different methods of freezing, among which are freezing, deep freezing and cryogenic freezing, the latter being the one that allows products to be frozen in a short period of time. Cryogenic freezing prevents the proliferation of microorganisms, it also favors the preservation of food in relation to its physical and chemical characteristics, and the integrity of the food cells is also preserved. Key factor in preserving the texture and appearance of food, freezing is done in batches, ensuring the preservation of food qualities, nutritional quality and microbiological safety. The freezing point in a cryogenic chamber is reached quickly, since they use liquid nitrogen in the freezing process, being able to reach temperatures up to -130°C, cryogenic cold can apply the use of dry ice as a refrigeration agent. The importance of cold equipment in a freezing chamber is based on the possibility of adjusting the temperature to make it suitable for the type of merchandise that is refrigerated, its use extends to various industries. being the food area the one that uses this equipment the most. In the food sector, it is key to apply an adequate refrigeration temperature according to the type of food, whose function is to avoid deterioration or loss of food, through the constant maintenance of the cold chain. A freezing chamber with cold equipment has the right conditions to maintain the correct temperature inside, which depends on the characteristics of the merchandise to be preserved.

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