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Thermostatic valves are operating devices installed in radiators. Likewise, thermostatic valves are elements that guarantee automatic operation, being installed in each radiator. They are responsible for regulating the flow of water that circulates and controls the ability to generate heat. They are also known as thermostatic mixing valves, they maintain a simple operation to achieve correct air conditioning in each room. It works as follows: you must select the temperature for the room, in case the temperature rises in the room being higher than the selected one, the mechanism will do its job. The mechanism will open the passage of water to the radiator to increase heat generation. Now, if the temperature is lower, the mechanism acts, on the contrary, it closes the passage of water to the radiator and manages to reduce the heat. Keep reading! We will explain everything about thermostatic valves. Do you need advice? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Danfoss thermostatic valve

Danfoss offers a wide range of thermostatic valves, designed to meet the requirements of the commercial and industrial sectors. You will have at your disposal a wide catalog with Danfoss thermostatic valves. It consists of two components, the valve and the thermostat. Danfoss thermostatic valves maintain exclusivity with their designs, as well as maintain the distance between the valve seat and the cone to determine the water that flows through the valve to the radiator; the valve cone is controlled by the thermostat, which detects changes in temperature. In addition, the thermostat control can select the temperature that is desired, you just have to turn the control until the preference is green. Danfoss thermostatic valves perform amazing functions thanks to their innovative design. Enjoy our catalog with a lot of variety.

Change thermostatic valve

Changing the thermostatic valve is a fairly simple operation, you do not need the help of an expert to do it. Although we do recommend being careful and taking note of what you must do to change the thermostatic valve and install the thermostatic valve.

  1. The first thing you should do is bleed the heater. The ventilation of the radiator will allow to eliminate the air that may exist in the radiator. You just have to turn off the boiler pump and wait a few minutes, then unscrew the bleed screw, you can notice that the water comes out, put a container to collect the water, when no more water comes out, you can put the drain screw back .
  2. Now, remove the center screw of the valve. With pliers you can unscrew the nuts between the faucet and the water supply. You must remove the faucet.
  3. Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that there will be no problems with the sealing. Brush the hose nozzle with a wire brush and spread the caulking paste.

How to install thermostatic valves

Once the thermostatic valve has been disassembled, as we mentioned before, it is time for installation. Follow the next steps:

  1. The thermostatic valves usually have unique dimensions and joints among modern modelss. If you have an old model you must make sure that it will fit. Now, you will have to choose between a straight or angled valve. It should be noted that the thermostatic head has a bulb that acts on a needle, this must be adjusted to the water flow.
  2. In case you replace the conical threaded connector of the radiator, you should lightly join the upper part of the thread with a closed blade to improve adherence. You must cover the thread again with paste, wrap three turns of tow and screw the fitting, all clockwise.
  3. Fill with paste and apply a little paste before screwing in the new valve. Before you finish, stop in front of the radiator cone, thread the nut onto the new valve body.
  4. Finally, place the thermostatic head in front of the needle. Press the valve with one hand and press the fixing ring with the other. Fill the heating circuit to purge and remove any air bubbles.

How it works

A thermostatic valve works with fluctuations in water temperature, which alternately expand and contract the thermostat installed. This action causes the valve to move to regulate the amount of hot and cold water, maintaining the temperature we have selected. Likewise, it is the solution to precisely control the temperature of each radiator, as well as of each room. Thanks to this, there is a great saving of energy and money. Basically its objective is to control the desired temperature, the radiator reacts to heat the room, being the place where the temperature of the room is measured. Although, the temperature of the room is equal to the selected one, which maintains its position in the flow of hot water.

How to regulate a Danfoss thermostatic expansion valve

Each manufacturer of thermostatic expansion valves has its own regulation system. To maintain the temperature between 21°C and 23°C, the thermostatic head must be placed between 3 and 4 on the scale. Each brand of the thermostatic valve will help determine the temperature with a different scale management. Achieve the proper temperature by taking the RAS-C and RAS-CK thermostatic valve manual.

Thermostatic valve 1/2

The 1/2 angle thermostatic valve for threading, offers greater safety, maximum grip and more precision in the flow. It is ideal for manually or automatically regulating the supply of hot water to the user. It was designed for central solar heating installations. The 1/2 thermostatic valve has a sleeve with a mixed O-ring seal and metal. These valves achieve temperature control, providing greater comfort and energy savings. Your comfort is important, advisors can help you choose the best products. If you still have questions about our thermostatic valves, do not hesitate to contact us and enjoy our extensive catalogue.

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