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A set of high-pressure components of a refrigeration system for specific purposes are called condensing units. This equipment is made up of several pieces or parts that, together, allow a team to produce cold. The components are the compressor, the fan motor, the condenser, the controls and a mounting plate that allows to assemble all the pieces and that allow them to be included in the set. A heat exchange process is one that cools and condenses the refrigerant component and transforms it into a liquid. For its part, a fan is responsible for circulating the outside air through a series of parallel ducts to cool the air that is inside the system and throw it outside. Condensing units come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, from compact household equipment to huge industrial systems used in production. As said, these are systems that generate cold, so air conditioners conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and refrigeration systems for industrial equipment that prevent overheating They have condensing units.

Sale of Condensing Units

Sales of condensing units are stores specialized in the trade of all kinds of replacement parts for this equipment and also sell the entire system for the wide variety of devices that use them. Sales of condensing units include: Fans: every condensing unit has a fan. This piece is in charge of absorbing the heat and directs it to the condensing unit. It is usually located next to or near the compressor so that this part does not overheat and can function normally. The size of the fan varies depending on the entire condensing unit and the power of the compressor. However, in an air conditioner at home or in a huge cold room it has the same function. That is, it is responsible for dispersing and eliminating heat from the interior of the device. Compressors: this is an injector for the refrigerant gas which, in turn, is in charge of cooling and throwing that cold out of the condensing unit. Whether in air conditioners, refrigerators or freezers, the compressor generates a thermal shock that impacts the refrigerant liquid or gas. In this way, the condensing unit can cool efficiently. In order for the system to work well, the compressor injects or sends the refrigerant at a rate set by the condenser. Depending on the refrigeration needs, the condensing unit needs more cold, it is the compressor that takes more energy to be able to carry out this function successfully. Refrigerant tank or tank: the liquid or gas refrigerant tank or tank is the one that serves with a valve to regulate the exit of this substance. Its job is to trap or store the gas and turn it into a liquid. If the condensing unit works with refrigerant liquid this function is not required, but the liquid passes through it, condenses in the form of cold air and fulfills its purpose. But, when the refrigerant is in the form of a gas, the tank transforms it into a liquid to later be injected or sent through an expansion valve to the fan, which will begin to send cold air and it will thus cool what is required. Sales of condensing units also sell the complete equipment. That is, the unit as such. It must be remembered that any system that produces cold has the aforementioned components, so there are thousands of types, brands and models of parts and condensing units. In other words, every fridge, air conditioner, freezer, cold room, etc. It has a fan, compressor, refrigerant tank and the complete unit. For this reason, when buying each part, it is necessary to specify for which device, of which brand and within the brands, which model the part needs in particular.

Danfoss condensing units

Danfoss is a company that creates technologies for all kinds of equipment for refrigeration food, air conditioners, heating buildings of all kinds, variable frequency drives, gas compressors and condensing units, of course. . It is a company that calls itself the one that will feed the planet with clean energiesof the future to create a better future. They focus on energy-efficient technologies that enable smart communities and businesses to produce more with less waste and improve indoor environments in buildings.

  • Among its condensing units, the following stand out:
  • 2hp Condensing Unit
  • Danfoss Condensing Unit 3/4hp R134a 110v Tankless
  • Condensing Unit 5 hp Freezing Danfoss Three Phase

Bitzer Condensing Units

Bitzer is a brand of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment of German origin. Its headquarters are in the city of Sindelfingen and it has 72 branches throughout the world. Naturally it produces condensing units. This equipment has been manufactured for 86 years. With the help of this brand's products you can travel comfortably in cars or buses because it is a specialist in vehicle air conditioners. They also make all kinds of components to keep food fresh. They manufacture condensing units for refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators and freezers, both industrial and domestic. It has a work approach that they call perfect and precise with efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. They have advanced significantly in compressor, fan and condensing unit technology because they have maintained technical competence, a high level of innovation and are undoubtedly industry leaders.

Condensing units for refrigeration

As already mentioned, all refrigeration equipment has a condensing unit. Without it, refrigerators or air conditioners could not cool. However, there are three different types:

Air cooled condensing unit

In this type of unit, the condenser is outside the system. This air-cooled equipment is often used in residential air conditioners and makes it easy to repair any of its components. Its condensers throw the heat outside. Another characteristic of the air-cooled condensing unit is that they are very easy to clean, which guarantees a longer useful life. This is based on the fact that dirt can cause serious damage to the equipment and performance problems.

Water cooled condensing unit

This type of condensing unit is more expensive than air cooled. However, they are the most efficient. For their best performance they require regular maintenance and service. They are usually used in auxiliary systems to be able to dissipate heat. They are common in water cooling towers. As its parts are in constant contact with water, they need a purging and water treatment system to prevent corrosion. They also require a constant demineralized supply to fulfill their functions.

Evaporative Cooled Condensing Unit

They are a less popular condensing unit option than the other two. But, they perform best at lower temperatures, when they provide many operational advantages. Generally, they are used in large commercial and industrial air conditioning units that require cooling a large volume of air mass with a high circulation rate.

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