The best price to buy Temperature recorders

The temperature loggers are used to monitor temperature and humidity, they are installed mostly in industrial sectors where temperature plays a very important role. There are traditional temperature loggers that record process signals on paper. The result you will obtain will be a graph or data table, but there are also digital temperature recorders, the most used today. Now, we will explain what a temperature recorder is, recorders for cold rooms and much more. Keep reading!

What is a temperature logger?

The temperature recorders are the most used instruments for the continuous recording of temperatures and humidity in industries, whether pharmaceutical, food and laboratories, where temperature control is essential to carry out processes. The temperature logger not only complies with the recording of temperature and humidity, it also allows the storage of the data obtained, but over a period of time. In addition, these data can be dumped to be carefully studied and analyzed. The temperature recorder is made up of a thermometric chain, which is made up of a digital device and a probe for the temperature sensor. The sensor must have embedded technology to achieve its function using the digital device. Maintaining the accuracy and control of temperature and humidity is a simple task with temperature loggers. Remember that, if you are more traditional, you can opt for the classic temperature recorders, which illustrate the data on paper. Technology continues to innovate to guarantee well-being, comfort and greater efficiency. Using the temperature loggers is easy and safe. The high range guarantees incredible benefits with these essential elements in the industry.

Temperature recorders for cold rooms

The temperature recorders for cold rooms are a piece of equipment that is responsible for continuously measuring the temperature inside them, which is very important to keep track of the right temperature. There are two types of temperature recorders for cold rooms, the first are those that are used in industries, which require specific measures, rules and requirements. On the other hand, there are those that are used by small businesses, as well as bakeries, ice cream parlors, restaurants, pharmacies, butcher shops, among others. The temperature recorders used in cold rooms are essential for what is inside. In addition to being useful for temperature control, it is crucial for the preservation of food or other products. Inadequate temperature control can cause a poorly made final product. The process of fermentation and food care, above all, depend on a temperature recorder, since temperature is responsible for its maintenance. So the temperature recorder in refrigeration chambers can be the salvation. A quality temperature recorder must store the temperature of the refrigeration chamber continuously, likewise, it must maintain its programming.

Ako temperature recorder

With the ako temperature recorders you can save time and money. The installation is very simple and fast, in addition, it has an automatic report generator, indicates the date of installation and verification for the next efficient planning. Among the benefits that we can obtain when opting for an ako temperature recorder, are the following:

  • It has a fixed installation kit outside the chamber. This equipment allows the display of information without the need to access the interior of the chamber, which will avoid losses or risks.

  • Temperature log downloaded by software

  • There is the possibility of monitoring all the points of a camera with a single temperature recorder, ideal to have real and fast information.

  • Complies with the storage of information in the equipment for three years, which avoids costs of annual data dumps, and also complies with regulations, where it must be greater than one year.

Approved temperature recorders

The approved temperature recorders are designed to comply with the RSIF (RD 552/2019) which requires the use of this tool in refrigeration chambers for the storage of frozen and deep-frozen products. The temperature loggers have an internal memory that allows data to be stored for a period of 3 years every 15 minutes, as well as a resistant battery that provides up to 6 hours of data recording and up to 3 months of maintenance, which which is perfect for cases of electrical failures. The stored data can be viewed and printed from a computer to better study and analyze the results. Temperature recorders are very important to carry out processes or maintain the temperature in industrial places that is required. Do you have more questions? We offer you personalized advice. Do not overlook that the purchase of a temperature recordercan be the salvation more than once.

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