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The air conditioning evaporator is a part of it, which is a very essential part of any refrigeration system, it is precisely where the system absorbs heat to release it in the condenser. Without the air conditioning evaporator, the cooling function would not be possible, either in air conditioning or heating. Basically, the air conditioning evaporator is a heat exchanger, through which fluids pass through the interior and another through the exterior at different temperatures. This, too, interferes with the higher temperature fluid at lower temperatures. We will explain air conditioner evaporator prices, features and open the debate of evaporative cooler vs air conditioner. We know that this interests you. Continue reading!

Air conditioning evaporator prices

The air conditioning evaporator prices may vary, however, they are quite accessible products. According to its function, features and so on, its price can be considered quite good. Let us remember that the air conditioning evaporator is essential for the operation of refrigeration equipment. Prices can vary between €32 and approximately €200. We suggest you consult our prices online, we offer personalized attention and advice to improve your experience with the electricity. Technology has a lot to offer, but it is important to know where to get quality products. The prices of the air conditioning evaporator will be at your disposal with just one click. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Air conditioning drain evaporator

In air conditioners there must be someone responsible for eliminating the water produced by the device, thus the air conditioning drain is responsible for this. The air conditioning drain, basically, is responsible for removing moisture from where it is installed. It performs a condensation process, which is when the water passes from vapor to liquid. All air conditioners have a drainage system, we can usually locate it in the lower corner of the device. It should be noted that the water that comes out is not drinkable, but it does not mean that it loses its use, on the contrary, you can obtain benefits with that liquid. We can note the suffering of air conditioners, especially in the summer season, where they must be subjected to continuous maintenance if we want a fresh home or office. Air conditioning drain maintenance is extremely important, as it is one of the most common problems with these appliances. If the air conditioner drain is not properly maintained, it can cause interior leaks, loss of strength, bad odors, and loss of operating efficiency. If the problem becomes bigger, it can lead to infiltrations in the internal part of the computer.

Air conditioning evaporator function

The function of the air conditioning evaporator is to change the refrigerant liquid into saturated vapor, this must be achieved before it reaches the compressor, since liquids are incompressible. If it did, the compressor would break mechanically. It fulfills different functions, so the one we mentioned before is not the only one. Another function is that an air conditioning evaporator must steal energy from the air, thus cooling a room or passing it to the condenser to heat the room, everything will depend on the need for which it is needed. On the other hand, the physical position varies, this depends on whether the machine works to cool or heat. Even the expression of evaporating or condensing unit is not used, it is usually said indoor or outdoor unit. The function of the evaporator is essential to achieve the environment we want. Remember to clean regularly, it should be noted that it is capable of absorbing unwanted elementss, as well as bacteria, fungi or microorganisms. You can find air conditioning evaporators in all refrigeration systems, as well as in air conditioning equipment, cold rooms, heating systems, refrigerators, etc.

Air conditioning evaporator unit

However, the air conditioning evaporator unit deserves a section to be explained in detail. When the indoor unit works in cooling mode, the evaporator will be placed in the indoor unit. If, on the other hand, the unit works in heat mode, the evaporator will be in the outdoor unit. For this reason, it is very important that there is a drain for the outgoing water. The water will accumulate in a liquid state when the outlet temperatures of the outdoor unit (heating mode) are greater than 0° C, however, it will form ice when they are lower. Ice acts as a thermal insulator, so when it forms in the evaporator, it prevents the refrigerant liquid from evaporating and prevents the free circulation of air. Although, this can endanger the compressor. As this must be avoided in its maximum expression, for this, the outdoor evaporator is provided with a probe, which detects low temperatures and, through electronic regulation, starts the defrost. When the defrost starts, the exchanger that was the evaporator must be made to work, now it will be a condenser, when heated it will be in charge of melting the ice. This will allow it to restart its activity as an evaporator to continue its functions and supply heat to the indoor unit.

Evaporative cooler vs air conditioner

In order to choose between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioner, we have collected the advantages and disadvantages that make them up, for this, we will explain you with a list of evaporative cooler vs air conditioning Let us begin!

  • The evaporative cooler is a much more environmentally friendly system. Air conditioners emit gases that are harmful to the environment.
  • Air conditioning can be much more expensive than an evaporative cooler. If you do a correct search you can save up to 20%.
  • The evaporative cooler is to be used in closed spaces, but it is necessary to open a window so that the air is not loaded with moisture. At the very least, the air conditioner should stay on with the windows closed to get the right ambiance.
  • Air conditioners require less maintenance than evaporative coolers.

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