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At home we have refrigeration equipment that we must take care of and protect from any increase in light to prevent damage, likewise, it is essential to know how it works and what its components are, since this is decisive to realize if everything is going as must. In this sense, one of the important parts of a refrigeration unit is the compressor, since this is a determining factor for the entire system to work properly. This device is divided into different types, there are scroll, open, semi-hermetic and hermetic, which are used in industries or simple systems. This time we will talk in depth about hermetic compressors, we will give you all the information you need to know about it, from its concept to its equivalence table, so keep reading.

Types of hermetic compressors for refrigeration

Hermetic compressors have different characteristics, and despite the fact that they have the same objective, they function differently, therefore, we will describe them below:


This has a simple operation, since it consists of 2 rotors or screws and the movement is carried out against each one, all this on two parallel axes.


It is made up of 2 spirals. One part is fixed while the other keeps moving relative to the motor shaft.


It is mainly made up of 2 parts, a cylinder and a piston. For its operation, the engine moves the piston, which slides through the cylinder, all this by means of a connecting rod that makes a movement on the piston.


The objective is achieved thanks to the volume reduction resulting from the casing and which must not coincide with the axis of the casing.


They consist of a motor, condenser and evaporator to perform their function.


It supposes the regulation in the revolutions of the engine, with which it is sought to satisfy the needs of the system to achieve an adequate saving and use of energy.

Hermetic compressor unit

Hermetic units for compressors are often used in cold rooms, refrigerated cabinets and freezer islands. There are low and medium-high temperatures. The best known brands are Bristol, Danfoss, Embraco and L'Unite Hermetique.

What is a hermetic compressor?

It is a machine or system that seeks to increase the pressure of a fluid in order to achieve the cooling of a piece of equipment, since said fluid absorbs heat from one place and dissipates it in another. This system has multiple applications, it can be used domestically or industrially, but what is really outstanding in this type of compressor is that it is part of a closed circuit, where the condenser and evaporator are inside a hermetic device and make it impossible for exhaust gas, unless there is a rupture.

Hermetic compressor operation

Its operation is really simple, since it is based on energy changes, with which it is sought to achieve an increase in the fluid; and to achieve this, different mechanisms are necessary depending on the type of hermetic compressor, however, what is wanted is to take the gas, then compress it and finally discharge it with a higher pressure and temperature.

Equivalence table of hermetic compressors

An equivalence table is a quick and orderly way to identify different characteristics, such as the value of the units or measurements, likewise, it is also used to appreciate in a clear and detailed way the equivalences of different families of hermetic compressors. For you to see it better, we leave below a table with the brands: EMBRACO, SICOM, FADER, OFA, GAREF.

Reciprocating hermetic compressor

This is the type of hermetic compressor that we named reciprocally at the beginning of the post, however, it also takes the name of piston compressor, since for its operation it uses the use of a piston and the displacement is It is carried out inside a cylinder to achieve in this way the production of gases in a high pressure. In this way, a characteristic that differentiates it from the rest is that the capacity is compromised by the work pressure. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is mainly used in oil refineries, chemical plants, among other industries.

Danfoss hermetic compressor

A Danfoss hermetic compressor is that device that is manufactured to be intelligent and sustainable, with great energy efficiency and that seeks to reduce energy consumption considerably, taking into account the conservation of the environment and that is a great help to our pocket, since If the refrigeration devices that we use in commercial establishments include them, the electricity bills will have a quite considerable reduction in cost. In addition, its application is quite wide because it can be used in cold rooms, display cases, ice-making machines, counters, process and space refrigeration. Similarly, they are compatible with different refrigerants, no matter how low they are, as long as European standards are met.

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