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What are Daitsu spare parts?

Daitsu is not a new brand on the market. It was born in Spain in 1990 under the name of Fuji Clima. But, three years later (in 1993) it is a Spanish brand founded in 1990 and was bought by the Eurofred business group. Subsequently, in 1998, it obtained the name of Daitsu Electric, S.A. and, since then, it has become a leading refrigeration brand. It produces in this sector a wide range of air conditioners for domestic, commercial and industrial use. In other words, it is one of the Spanish and European benchmarks in the air conditioning and refrigeration market. It has its own seal and guarantee and the endorsement of Eurofred. This means that it is more than 50 years since the founding of this consortium in 1966, they have grown and evolved to become a global distributor of air conditioning equipment (which is its forte=, but also of aerothermal energy, indoor air quality and maintenance of this type of system for the home, companies and the industrial area. Obviously, they provide spare parts or replacements for their own equipment and also generic parts that can be adapted to other devices of various brands on the market. Likewise, it provides comprehensive assistance which, together with a wide range of tailor-made solutions and individual attention, has given Daitsu a powerful arm that has helped it reinforce its leading position in the main markets of Western Europe and to significantly expand its presence and influence in South America. It should be noted that Spain, Portugal and also Chile are the only distributors of Fujitsu brand products (both equipment and spare parts). Today they are in their promotion and expansion in other areas of Europe such as Italy. These are the main air conditioning equipment that Daitsu offers: 1.- Daitsu split air conditioning: one of Daitsu's main sales products are split air conditioning units. These appliances consist of an outdoor unit mounted on the façade, balcony or roof and which have most of the components that make it work, such as the motor, condensers and the compressor. They also have the indoor unit that is mounted on the wall of the room or room that is going to be air conditioned. They are the air conditioners found in the vast majority of residences, but they are also used in offices or smaller commercial spaces. Daitsu split air conditioners use R32 gas which is the most efficient and least dangerous for the environment than traditional refrigerants. It is used in all Daitsu appliances with inverter technology that helps reduce electricity consumption. The models stand out:

  • Daitsu Aura air conditioning and
  • Daitsu Air air conditioning

2.- Daitsu multisplit air conditioner: Daitsu multisplit air conditioners are devices or equipment used to air-condition several rooms at the same time. For this they use a single outdoor unit and to this it is possible to connect up to 5 outputs or indoor units. That is to say, that with this you gain in efficiency, profitability and space. Different rooms can be air conditioned with a single motor, compressor, condenser and all the other internal elements. This allows not having several units on the façade, reducing the cost of air conditioning installation and greater energy savings. It is usually used in homes for domestic use or in offices with multiple spaces for air conditioning. 3.- Daitsu portable air conditioner: These units are special for consumers who do not wish to carry out any installation tasks. Portable air conditioners are ideal because they do not require technical assistance to use. They plug in like a fan and are used without further ado. Daitsu manufactures or manufactures the basic range (called Daitsu APD-X) and the higher range (called Daitsu APD-HX) of this type of system. The main difference between the two is that the first only offers cooling. Instead, second provides both cooling and heating. On the other hand, the range or premium models include what is known as vertical download. This feature allows the air distribution slats to move automatically to improve distribution throughout the room.

Daitsu air conditioning spare parts

This brand of products, in addition to complete equipment, supplies and distributes components that can be damaged by prolonged use. It is worth mentioning the following and most important: 1.- The compressor: Actually, this part is a big electric pump. It pressurizes the refrigerant gas to turn it into a liquid, hence its name. It is usually on the hot side of the appliance and is driven by the motor. It is considered, next to this, the center of the cycle. Without a doubt, it is the component or vital element of any air conditioning unit. In the compressor there is substance known as working fluid or refrigerant (as already said) and its main function is to change low pressure and low temperature gas into high pressure and high temperature gas. By reducing the distances between the molecules that make up the refrigerant, this process produces energized gas. 2.- The condenser: Like the compressor, the condenser is part of another component of an air conditioner that is located on the "hot" side of the system and is driven by the motor. Its function is to significantly reduce the latent heat that the refrigerant emits when the air (at high temperatures) leaving the house enters the compressor. This considerably simplifies the task for him. The condenser is the structure that looks in the form of a honeycomb and is always located at the back not only of air conditioners but of all refrigeration devices. 3.- The thermostat: is the part in charge of regulating, to a certain extent, the operation and maintenance of the unit. It allows the temperature of a room to remain constant. In this sense, it turns on and off when the interior temperature begins to rise and becomes constant or remains constant again. The thermostat is crucial because it regulates both the efficiency of the equipment and the comfort of the air-conditioned environment. Some thermostats display readings in Celsius exclusively, while others display readings in Fahrenheit or can toggle between both scales. Depending on the style and size of the air conditioner, you may find them built into the unit or located externally. Other components of the air conditioning are the expansion valve that regulates the pressure of the system and the circuit of pipes and hoses through which the refrigerant gas flows, later converted to liquid, and the residual water that produces condensation.

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