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A pressure transducer is used to perform tasks such as… tracking, measuring, and altering the pressure of certain fluid and gas systems. A pressure transducer is widely used in industrial environments, where fluids are handled and transported at pressures higher than the atmosphere. In this section we will explain what pressure transducers are, how they work, types of pressure transducers, how to check a transducer and the symbols. Keep reading, we will have the best information for you, if you require advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Pressure transducers work with a control system, which allows the performance of various tasks. Many models can generate signals to connect to any control system, thus offering the user a range of applications. Learn more about pressure transducersn!

What are pressure transducers?

A pressure transducer also called a pressure transmitter, is responsible for converting the pressure into a signal, this signal will be electrical. There are many types of pressure transducers, but one of the most sought after and common is the strain gauge base transducer. However, the transformation of pressure to a signal is achieved by physical deformation of strain gauges, which are attached to the pressure transducer and wired. When pressure is applied to the pressure transducer it produces a deflection which introduces stress into the calipers. Basically, pressure transducers are components that can convert physical magnitudes, such as position, weight, temperature, torque, etc., into electrical magnitudes. Thanks to this transformation, the system can understand the signals.


The operation of pressure transducers is important to know. To carry out the pressure measurement with transducers, a sensor is required that is responsible for measuring the pressure variation, which converts it into an electrical signal in order to understand the received pressure value. The measurement of resistive pressure transducers highlights the variation of resistance induced by deformation as a function of pressure. This means that, when an attraction of the conductor increases the length and reduces the section surface, it causes an increase in electrical resistance, since the specific resistance is maintained. Although, for the operation to be carried out, a body is used that has a controlled deformation where it is subjected to pressure. On the other hand, pressure transducers piezoresistive pressure sensors operate with various functions, but similar to the general functions. In this case, the electrical resistance varies proportionally with the specific resistance, the metallic tapes can be put on any membrane.

Types of pressure transducers

A transducer is a device that is responsible for converting one type of energy into another that is understood. We are going to explain two types of pressure transducers, being the most common in the market. In the industrial world we can find many artifacts that help us carry out an infinite series of actions. Although, the pressure transducers depend on the use that you want to give them to be able to choose them. Pressure transducers are distinguished by the output they have or the type of signal they can transmit.

From 0 to 10 bar

These pressure transmitters are designed to be used in most industrial equipment, offering a very reliable pressure measurement. This type of transmitter is less affected by electrical noise and resistance in the signal wires. These pressure transmitters are used when the signal must be transmitted over long distances.

Danfoss pressure transducer

Danfoss has a wide range of pressure transducers, which we have added to our catalog to meet the needs of each client. These transducers come in high or low pressure. Among its general characteristics we can highlight: high electromagnetic compatibility without impact on precision, long-term stability, wide variety of pressure connections, pressure ranges, output signals and electrical connections. In addition, it shows great stability against vibrations, shocks or shocks. Danfo pressure transmitterss were created for use in almost all industrial actions, even providing reliable pressure measurements in severe environmental conditions. It can meet your requirements in most environments.

Check pressure transducer

All transducers must use a physical input that they transform into a voltage output, however, we will explain how to check the pressure transducern in a few simple steps. Take note and read carefully. The supply voltages that are at the pressure sensor should be checked. Most pressure transducers have 3 wires, being power, output signal and ground. Now, it must be checked that the voltage to the power supply and to ground are in good condition. This is done with a live circuit and a connected sensor, since with a disconnected sensor the checks are not reliable. Also, the ground sensor must be the reference to get accurate data. You can use a multimeter to determine the pressure sensors that measure slow movement. It should be noted that many pressure transducers will have internal signal conditioning circuitry, which is designed to operate at 5V, i.e. 9V from a multimeter could damage them.


Understanding the meaning of some symbols that are present in the pressure transducer actions is crucial to understand the procedures and check that we mentioned in the previous section. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

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