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The work of a drain pump supposes that the water produced by the condensation of the device is pushed so that it flows towards the place destined for it.

Drain pump for air conditioning

A drain or air conditioning drain pump is the best option if what you are looking for is the comfort of not having to remove water from the tank and in cases where there is some difficulty with the drain level. This type of drainage or drainage pump is designed to suck the water that would go to the tank to raise and push the condensation water produced by the air conditioning system. Drain pumps can be used in two ways. Both in the indoor and outdoor units. It mainly has a water inlet and outlet and an electrical connection that runs at 220 or 810 volts depending on the area. Now, the water outlet pipe of the indoor unit is directed to the inlet of the drain pump. Once it reaches a certain height, the detector activates the motor, so that the water flows towards the drain where we want it to go. Therefore, as we said, the drainage pump is used to propel the water, but mainly so that it gains height. We can find drainage pumps in many forms and of many types, but what we must know is, how high we have to reach with the drainage pump.

Types of air conditioning drains

  • Window, includes a small hole on the outside of the system to drain the condensed water. If we see that it starts to drip, we should place a drip tray, or redirect the liquid to another point.
  • Wall-mounted, In these cases, the drainage comes out of the indoor unit and expels the water through the pipes, which, as you will see below, may have to ascend before going out to the tank .

Drain pump for Split

When we talk about the Split-type air conditioner, we are referring to the air conditioning system whose internal unit also needs an external unit that must be installed on the balcony or on the facade of the house or flat, in order to extract the hot air that circulates inside the house to the outside.

When is a drain or sewer pump used?

One of the most common cases is when the installation of pipes and electrical wiring comes from the bottom of the device. So to avoid the installation of such visible menara, that is to say, not very aesthetic, we make a gutter or channel through the upper part of the ceiling, or in the case that there is a false ceiling, we would pass the entire installation above it. Remember that, once the desired height has been reached, the pipe installation must slope down to the drain. In other words, the gutter through which we pass the installation must not zigzag to avoid condensation or dirt accumulation, but, once the maximum desired height is reached, it must always reach the drain downwards. Another drawback that can also arise is in the case of conical-shaped pumps. There are some that come with a built-in elbow that goes up where the entire installation passes, in which case it works very well. But then there are those that have a small tank that has a filter, a metal mesh that gets dirty and clogged over time. This can mean that it gets clogged or the drain pump makes a very loud noise, which means that it is running on empty.

Window or Split Air Conditioning?

Advantages and disadvantages of Splits

Split air conditioners are silent because the part that compresses the refrigerant is on the outside and the part that cools is inside. So we can sleep without any discomfort. On the other hand, the window ones have the compressor and the evaporator together, which produces a continuous noise that does not allow us to rest. In terms of aesthetics, the Split is much prettier, since the installation is outside the home and is usually covered with a cover. Likewise, there is a great variety of Split air conditioners among which we can choose in terms of their BTU capacity depending on the size of the room. When we talk about BTUs, it is in relation to the amount of heat that the air conditioner can extract from a room. Therefore, the higher the BTU rating, the larger the size of the system and the higher the price of the system. In the case of the Split we have a BTU capacity of between 12,000 and 60,000 BTU, while the window air conditioners reach up to 25,000 BTU since they would weigh too much if they had a higher capacity. Depending on where we want to install the air conditioner, the installation itself may cost more than the device. The installation is more complicated so it must be done by a professional. Maintenance is also advisable to be done by a professional since we can damage some component of the equipment. They have more components than window ones, so there could be more risk of breakage in case of incorrect maintenance.

Advantages and disadvantages of window models

They last longer in the case of analogs, that is, they work with knobs so nothing electronic would be damaged. While the Split sensors and other electronic components can be damaged. When cleaning them, we do not run the risk of breaking any delicate component as in the case of the Split. It makes a lot of noise compared to the Split as we said above. If the environment is very large or we want it to cool more, it will not be enough with a window air conditioner. They tend to be more cheap. Therefore, everything will depend on what you need according to the use you give it and the characteristics of the place.

Buy drain pump

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