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Pressure transmitter

The pressure transmitter is a mechanical device that measures the expansive force of the fluid, thanks to the pressure-sensitive sensor, the electronic components convert the force on the surface into electrical pressure measurement signals.

The pressure transmitters measure the pressure of liquids to regulate the pressure when it rises or falls, its design is suitable for corrosive environments, it also allows the recording of different degrees of pressure including minimum changes.

These transmitters have advanced technologically, there are wireless transmitters on the market that are ideal for placing in hard-to-reach places and for monitoring high-pressure pumps, sewage pipes, water tank levels or hydraulic systems.

A multivariable transmitter is made to measure more than one pressure process variable, such as:

  • Temperature

  • Volumetric flow

  • Mass

  • Differential pressure

The result is precise and optimal pressure measurement performance, which depends on the specific instrument to transmit the pressure

Types of pressure transmitters

It should be noted that the usefulness of a pressure transmitter allows readings to be taken directly on site, to be transmitted to a control post, the variety of manufacturing material and optimal performance make them an excellent option for measuring pressure.

The transmitter is a device in charge of measuring the expansive force of gases or liquids, its sensor is sensitive to pressure changes that occur in pressure-sensitive environments between them:

  • Boilers

  • Flows in pipes

  • Pump control

  • Fluid transfer system at different pressures

The types of pressure transmitters include:

1.- Gauge pressure transmitter

It reads the direct pressure in the pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the reading is not as precise as it is compared to the atmospheric one, which can be altered by changes in the pressure of the environment.

2.- Differential pressure transmitter

It allows to measure the pressure difference between two points, the zero point adjustment is automatic, it is applied in ventilation systems, online filters and filter installations in general.

Differential pressure transmitter

A differential pressure transmitter is designed to measure the different pressures in a fluid, the pressure is taken before and after an interruption, it determines the pressure difference between two different levels.</p >

The pressure difference must occur at the level of the sensor, the signal can be perceived in ranges from 4 to 20 mA or from 0 to 10 V, this type of transmitter is used to measure the relative pressure to normalize its level, the transmitter calculates the pressure between the liquid and gas phases in a closed tank.

Based on the following factors for its calculation

  • Tank Design

  • Media density

  • Hydrostatic pressure

Its characteristics must be:

  • Auto zero point adjustment

  • Differentiated measurement

  • Ease of integration

  • Easy calibration

  • Low installation cost

Danfoss pressure transmitter

Danfoss is a brand specialized in the manufacture of pressure transmitters based on the use of state-of-the-art technology, which incorporates electronic controls for the automation of its applications.

Danfoss is characterized by creating equipment to meet the needs of its customers in terms of technology and performance in pressure reading, by combining the best resistant materials with AI.

Providing its users with the following advantages of use:

  • High performance

  • High precision

  • Stable against vibrations and shocks

  • In excess pressure it is stable

  • Wide range of pressure and electrical connections, pressure ranges and output signal

  • Naval approvals in pressure monitoring

Sale of pressure transmitters

The sale of pressure transmitters aims to offer customers a quality product that suits their requirements through a combination of state-of-the-art technology with manufacturing materials resistant to different pressures of fluids in an airtight tank.

Its function is to measure the pressure value of hydraulic systems, developing sensors.

  • Resistive: Their operation is based on the deformable variations due to the pressure of the manufacturing material

  • Piezoresistive: They use semiconductors to measure pressure changes

  • Capacitive: The measurement varies depending on the proximity of the capacitors to the active surface

Pressure transmitter prices

Prices vary depending on the manufacturing material, brand, use and characteristics, they can be found from 146 euros to 500 euros.

Pressure transmitters are essential elements to measure pressure in different installations thanks to their versatility, they are part of the compressed air pipes or air control system.

The device is ideal for making measurements in compressed air and gas plants through electrical signals through the sensors it incorporates, the signals can be emitted as volts or amps.


It is worth noting that pressure transmitters are versatile and flexible devices, made of a resistant material that is permeable to sudden pressure changes that occur in the medium in which they work.

A pressure transmitter is a piece of equipment that is part of the pressurization control of the different systems where there are constant changes in pressure, it being important to maintain its optimal levels to avoid sudden changes in pressure that can damage the equipment.< /p>

Each type of transmitter fulfills a specific function in the reading of the different degrees of pressure in the different industrial systems, the technological innovations applied in its manufacture allow precise measurements of the medium where they are placed.

The main advantage of its use is that it prevents damage caused by the different pressures, which can corrode the pipes and even cause explosions in some of the equipment, which generates great losses of time and money.

It is a device that through the emission of signals produced in the medium to which it is connected allows to know the different pressure readings, thanks to its sensors the device provides a voltage when it perceives a variation of the degrees of pressure.< /p>

Its applications in the field of industrial instrumentation are extensive, it also plays an important role in the domestic area, by maintaining control of the different pressures of the hydropneumatic systems of houses and buildings.

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