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The humble central heating thermostat, for many of us, is a device that is set to one temperature and rarely touched again, as long as the room temperature suits everyone in the home. However, it's useful to know what your thermostat does, how it works with your boiler and radiators, what different types exist, and how you can save on your heating bills simply by making small changes to your settings. Read on to get to know your thermostat a little better.

What is a thermostat?

Your thermostat is a crucial component in the operation of your central heating system. In fact, it controls the entire system by reading/sensing your home's ambient temperature, then turning the boiler on or off to keep it at the temperature you've set.

What does a thermostat do?

As the thermostat turns the HVAC unit on and off to maintain temperature, the temperature in the house will actually rise and fall (fluctuate) as the unit is cycling. The term HVAC technicians use to describe this fluctuation is called "oscillation." In most cases, homeowners do not notice the swing. If so, there's a chance the heating or cooling is too big for the house, or the thermostat is set wrong (more common with older thermostats). A small amount of wobble is not noticeable. However, a large amount of rocking can be very uncomfortable as the air temperature fluctuates between warm and cold. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to reduce temperature change in an existing system (assuming the thermostat is in a suitable location and set correctly). A large amount of wobble is usually associated with a furnace or air conditioner that is too large and the only solution is to install a smaller capacity unit.

Types of thermostats: according to the principle of operation

Mechanical Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats are the older version. They heat and cool your water using thermal expansion principles that generate electricity using metal or gas strips. This expansion moves discs that activate the mechanism. The latest gas models use the expansion and contraction of the gas to operate metal disks that change the setting of the thermostat. This allows them to react more quickly to changes in temperature, saving you money by not running when the system is not needed.

Digital thermostats

By contrast, digital thermostats simply use modern technology to sense the room's temperature and use that information to turn on the heating or cooling system. This is a more direct, and therefore more efficient, means of controlling the circuitry in the thermostat that operates your HVAC. The negligible computing power required in most digital thermostats makes them basic but effective managers of your home's temperature. However, these models are getting smarter, as discussed below, and are quickly gaining more options and capabilities when it comes to managing your settings.

Types of Thermostats: Based on Programmability

Non-programmable thermostats

Non-programmable thermostats do not have preset settings or smart technology. They can only be manually configured and adjusted through their physical interface. There is nothing wrong with this if you or at least one person is always at home. However, since you can't change the settings when you're at work or sleeping at night, you can expect some high energy bills, at least until you've gotten used to the responsibility of setting your temperature.

Programmable thermostats

These thermostats can be programmed for your temperature preferences on a daily or weekly basis and for the season of the year. This allows you to save money by saving on heating or cooling when you know no one will be home. You can set it to a more average temperature during business or school hours, for example. These thermostats are most useful for residents of areas that experience drastic changes in temperature. Some models now even have smartphone compatibility. With a basic Wi-Fi connection, you can change your thermostat settings directly from your phone or tablet.

Smart Thermostats

These are the latest models in thermostat technology. They use advanced learning algorithms to automatically adjust the temperature in your home to your preferences. This means that after setting the temperature a certain way enough times, a smart thermostat will automatically program it as its pattern. This way, you don't have to worry about running up your utility bill because you forgot to set the thermostat for the night, for a business trip, or for the busy work day.

Danfoss rt 101 thermostat

The Danfoss company was founded in 1933 by Mads Clausen, becoming one of the world's leading companies. The current objective of this company is to create healthier and more comfortable climates in our homes.

Salus rt 310 thermostat

Salus is part of Comptime Group Limited, a leading company in the industry for innovations in research projects in the field of control electronics. One of its objectives is to find solutions for the control of thermal and renewable energy.

Teka rt 800 oven thermostat

Teka with a German spirit combines quality, efficiency and usability in all its projects in order to provide us with the best for our homes to live in an environment with healthy air with our loved ones.

RT 300 thermostat

Finally, here is a link that will redirect you to a section of the web where you will find a series of rt 300 thermostats of different brands, if what you are looking for is to see the options you have.

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