The best price to buy ICF multifunction valves

ICF valve: what is it and what is its importance?

Valve stations are essential components in all refrigeration or heating equipment systems. In particular, the so-called ICF valves are suitable for all common refrigerants and both high and low pressure. These valves are used for liquid lines, as well as for compressor injection circuits and also throughout the hot gas piping or plumbing system. The ICF stations are approved for pressures that do not exceed 52 bars or the equivalent of 754 psi or pounds per square inch and can be used in the vast majority of types of refrigerants, be they gases or liquids. ICF valve stations made of Flexline (plastic composite) provide full maneuverability and freedom for technicians when installing refrigeration systems. This is due to the fact that the design of these valves is based on a very exclusive concept of a modular type. This is one of the best control solutions that provides multiple connections and that technology companies for industrial use offer to the market for significant savings in components because it makes it possible to replace several valves with a single one. Hence, it is called a “valve station”. In other words, it fulfills several functions. It is made up of a casing and between two and six different function modules. This unique design makes it a very convenient mode plug and play solution mechanism. In other words: plug and play. In addition, ICF valves or valve stations are compatible with 90% of all existing applications. For this, only four basic configurations are used and it supports more than 60 configurations that can be customized. What does this mean? For technicians ease of repair and installation. For users, speed, cheaper services and reduction in maintenance hours.

Where to buy ICF valves

ICF valves can be purchased at hardware stores, sales of accessories and supplies for air conditioning equipment, air conditioning stores, industrial supplies and stores related to this sector. The important thing is that they are made with Flexline, which represents the most recent innovation in valves for refrigeration and heating equipment, since it is a piece that is easy to install and can accommodate various functional configurations. This makes it the best alternative in high pressure air conditioning systems. Despite being outlined with a simple and modular planning that facilitates the design of the refrigeration circuits (and in some cases heating) and contributes to significantly reduce the time for review and diagnosis of equipment by maintenance or failures. At the same time, it reduces energy consumption and space requirements, both factors that allow systems to be more economical to operate and have less environmental or ecological impact.

  • It also has these peculiarities:
  • Reduces maintenance, inspection and repair times
  • It consumes much less energy and the negative impact on the environment is substantially less
  • Admits high and low pressure refrigerants (liquid or gas).

ICF valve prices

Obviously, the price of ICF valves varies depending on its size, the equipment, brand and model and the pressure it must withstand. The range is wide and ranges from the simplest ones for domestic use, at around 9-11 euros, and those for industrial use, which can cost a couple of hundred euros. To buy an ICF valve or valve station, you must be aware of its characteristics. It is best to call a specialized technician in the team that has the valve and he will tell you what model and size (or brand) of this component. However, all ICF valves are smaller and more flexible than other valve models that can be replaced by this one. Likewise, they are available with connections that are strongly welded for DIN 15 and for DIN 20. It also incorporates in its integral design a shut-off valve and a filter that prevents the passage of impurities throughout the circuit. An ICF valve also has two connected ports that make six different types of configurations possible. That is, it combines motorized, solenoid or electronic valves, all in the same component. That is why its price is usually lower than other parts of air conditioning systems By having more compact dimensions, it also speeds up installation, makes servicing easier and helps reduce maintenance and operating costs.

Characteristics of ICF valves

As already mentioned, ICF valves or valve stations are capable of working with liquids or refrigerant gases at low or high pressure. This makes possible its use in liquid lines, injection in all types of compressors and for systems in which hot gas circulates that does not exceed a pressure of 52 bars. These characteristics make it the valve of choice par excellence for air conditioning equipment that uses CO₂ or carbon dioxide, but also for those that work with NH3 or ammonia. It is also compatible with HFC refrigerants or fluorinated gases and HCFC refrigerants or hydrochlorofluorocarbons. This makes them perfect for refrigeration projects that must provide efficiency for long periods of time, such as cellars in restaurants, hotels, or home refrigerators. The operation of refrigeration equipment with ammonia or HFC or HCFC refrigerants have a compressor that presses the refrigerant (gas or liquid) up to the condensation temperature. For this, the liquid flows through the system and the dry gas is transformed into a liquid and sent to the fan system to cool. Throughout this process, the ICF valves serve as controllers so that the system remains stable and works correctly without leaks or explosions. This happens because they are designed to share the spare or replacement parts with the rest of the components. Hence the importance of being made of malleable material known as Flexline. In addition, since there are several valves in one, they reduce costs because a single part replaces several.

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