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Expansion valves are a key component in refrigeration or air conditioning systems. These elements have the ability to maintain the mass flow of refrigerant, which flows to the evaporator. But, not only does it do that, it also controls the pressures of the condenser and the evaporator. The expansion valves are a wide range of products to be discussed, how they work, how to regulate a Danfoss thermostatic expansion valve, the prices and much more, the invitation is to keep reading.

What is an expansion valve?

Air conditioners or refrigeration systems are made up of several elements that achieve their operation, in this case, we will talk about the most important: the expansion valve. Thas the function of limiting the flow of refrigerant before the system. Without the expansion valve your air conditioner would blow air with no effect on the temperature, since at the uncontrolled flow rate of the gas it would only produce an internal refrigerant, but with a little pressure your refrigerant manages to cool as it passes through the evaporator coils. Thus, it plays its all-important role, giving you the fresh breeze of cold air you want when turning on your refrigeration or air conditioning system. Basically it is an element that is responsible for controlling the passage of the refrigerant through expansion, this happens depending on the pressure required by the system.


The expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant by expanding pressure according to the amount that your air conditioning system needs to effectively vaporize to achieve the refrigerant inside. So as it contracts, less refrigerant flows into the evaporator. The coils, on their hot side, create a pressure that is necessary to make the refrigerant have a tendency to move much faster. That refrigerant that spends more time in the coils is cooled to a low temperature, and the heat is transferred to the water in the coils. The valve is controlled by a bulb that is outside the expansion valve, it reacts to the variation in ambient temperature, thanks to the refrigerant gas inside it.

How to regulate a Danfoss thermostatic expansion valve

It is important to mention that each thermostatic expansion valve has its own regulation system. You have to learn to adapt to each of the standards that you can bring for a higher temperature in comfort for heating. It is recommended to keep the temperature between 21°C to 23°C in the winter. To do this, you must position the thermostatic head between 3 and 4 on the scale. Each brand of thermostatic valve determines the temperature that may involve handling a different scale. To exactly regulate the Danfoss thermostatic expansion valve , the manual of the RAS-C and RAS-CK thermostatic valve must be taken into account, to achieve the temperature you must turn the head to the indicated number. Danfoss maintains some particular characteristics that each installation can carry. The relationship between the numerical scale and the ambient temperature can be relative.

Repair and adjust air conditioning expansion valve

The air conditioning expansion valve is a fragile and advanced device. This element works at high pressure and is sensitive to high temperatures, if it is used in inappropriate conditions, as well as the presence of impurities in the circuit and can cause failure. If you believe that the expansion valve in air conditioning has stopped working correctly, a thorough and thorough diagnosis of the system is recommended. System operating pressures should be checked using a gauge, this may reveal the problem regarding the expansion valve. To adjustthe you must use a screwdriver and remove all the screws of the cooling system. Now you will have the access panel that will allow you to locate and adjust the valve. This element will look like a small body with a circular diaphragm. Ok, now that you have located the valve you should notice that it has a solid line leading from it to a nut on the other side. Keep the air conditioning manual close at hand to avoid any incident. You should spray the valve body with a petroleum-based cleaning agent, without wetting the diaphragm. Clean very well with a cloth, and remove residue. Remove the nut we mentioned earlier and turn the air conditioner on for 5 minutes. Now turn the spindle clockwise to reset the valve, you should allow at least 20 minutes to pass. Turn off the air conditioning, put everything in its place and voila!

Cooling expansion valve

Refrigeration systems use refrigerant, which is in charge of changing from vapor to liquid, as it cools the room, the expansion valve of the refrigeration system plays a very important role since it regulates the flow of refrigerant to the evaporator . All modern refrigeration systems have refrigerant, in turn, expansion valve. You can say goodbye to the heat inside your room, since the work of these components creates a much cooler environment. However, each time the coolant heats up it becomes pressurized. The expansion valve does not cool the refrigerant directly, but cools the refrigerant by causing the pressure to drop.


You can get expansion valves at incredible prices by consulting us. The advice will be totally personalized, we will locate the products according to your needs with quite comfortable prices. You can get expansion valves from approximately €30, upwards. It is important for the operation of the air conditioning, it will not be a lost investment, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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