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EKA 171- EKA 179, Data Communication Modules and Real Time Clock Modules 084B8564| The communication and Real Time Clock modules ensure the connectivity of controllers to gateways or frontend monitoring systems..

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084B8564 Danfoss Accessory Data Communication 084B8564


0.009 Kg
Data Comm. ModulModbus
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Multi pack


Adap-Kool EKA178A Modbus Module for EKC 200

Efficiently integrate your refrigeration system with the Adap-Kool EKA178A Modbus Module designed for the EKC 200 controller. This advanced communication module enables seamless connection through the industrial standard Modbus.

Stand out with its ability to optimize your system's performance, providing precise control and effective monitoring. The EKA178A positions itself as a key solution for intelligent management of refrigeration systems in industrial and commercial environments.

  • Modbus Connectivity: Facilitates effective communication between devices from different manufacturers, ensuring smooth integration into your existing system.
  • Advanced Control: Enhances the performance of the EKC 200 controller, allowing for precise adjustments and real-time monitoring to optimize energy efficiency.
  • Efficient Monitoring: Offers a detailed view of key system parameters, enabling informed decision-making to enhance management and operational efficiency.

Experience a new level of efficiency and control with the Adap-Kool EKA178A Modbus Module for EKC 200. Elevate your refrigeration system to a superior standard with this innovative and reliable solution.


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